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The process of packing the candles is quite simple and easy to do just take into account the different sizes and colors of them.

Tips for packing candles and general and product-specific packaging

Making sure items are safe and secure is easy. Simply wrap them, pack them and order them properly.

Clearly write the address on the front following our clear address guidelines and include whenever possible a zip code. You can search for up to 50 postal codes or addresses for free with our Postal Code Finder.

We use sorting machines to sort your mail that will be delivered to your home that will make the packing process easier and you can earn more money. If you detect a damaged item, you will be notified to try to avoid further damage, but it is best to pack it properly first. Please follow these guidelines to ensure that your eligibility for compensation is not affected if the item does not arrive as expected.


General tips for wrapping and packing candles

Use the appropriate padded bags for sharp edges or irregular shapes.

Make sure outdoor containers are strong enough for their contents.

Fragile items should not touch each other or the sides of the container.

Fill containers with cushioning material such as bubble wrap or polystyrene splinters.

Enter a return address in the article.

Put a contact name, address, and phone number inside.



Seal firmly with nylon or vinyl tape along all edges and openings.

Flatten any sharp edges of staples or metal fasteners and cover with adhesive tape.

If necessary, use a ‘FRAGILE’ sticker.


Guidance on packing and packing candles

Please refer to our information and country guides to ensure that candles can be sent by mail, and any specific conditions, including packing tips.

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