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The work of the multinational of articles for office is quite simple and can be developed in small spaces of your house, because the articles to select and to pack are pencils, pencils, colors, and own products of all office.

This packaging is required in all countries because through a factory in China the products are sent to the warehouses without being selected, marked or packaged for local distribution of the product.

The packages of these products travel without major precaution in ships that carry cargo of all kinds and sometimes these products come with some defect which makes it necessary to be selected at the time of being delivered to the packaging operators.



There are some boxes to be filled with the selected office supplies and they will be collected each week for local distribution.

Initially there is a training that will be sent by mail to each applicant and then a visit to the residences of the people in charge of packaging.

When working with delicate material, special labels must be used, which will be provided by the personnel in charge for such work.

To close the packages, adhesive tape is used that resists high temperatures, and the same will be used in cardboard boxes about 60mm thick to ensure that the products are delivered without blows or scratches.



Similarly, defective products will have to be reported at the time that the logistics personnel pass through the houses collecting these items.

For the marking of the products, special labels will be used and delivery and conformity forms will be filled out by the logistics personnel.

The type of transport and its duration must be taken into account so that the articles can be packed according to the required needs, since some of them must travel long distances and a robust packaging is necessary to avoid mistreatment of the material.


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