Employment for Cleaning Personnel

Employment for Cleaning Personnel

It requires personnel willing to work in the cleaning of buildings. Our company is concerned about providing a high quality cleaning service that allows the total satisfaction of all our customers who are our reason for existence.

Indispensable to have a good attitude towards work and willingness to perform the activities required daily.
Procedures are organized to perform all cleaning procedures in order to speed up the process and achieve lower operating costs for the customer.

We have all the infrastructure of this large cleaning company that has a fleet of machinery that is constantly being renovated and high technology equipment that allows us to perform optimal procedures and obtaining excellent results.

The fleet of vehicles that the company has allows us to quickly transport the workers and the different machinery that we use, we have a large storage center for all our materials and have them available at all times of the day.
We also have the purchase of an insurance policy that covers the disadvantages of civil liability that may arise from the provision of cleaning services for buildings and infrastructure in general.


The materials and products used in our work are of the highest quality, and we also have vehicles that specialize in the transportation of hazardous or polluting materials and thus improve the quality of life of our employees.
We are constantly providing training to our employees in specialized topics in cleaning, but in addition to the above the staff is trained weekly in good customer service, thus achieving a comprehensive work that positions our company among the most outstanding.
We have several locations throughout the country that allow us to give a quick response to the work requested by our customers, and get the attention in a maximum of 2 hours after requesting the service.


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