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Carolyn Magnani, career advisor at the University of Lausanne (Switzerland), explains that “most of them spend 80% of their time looking for job offers and sending in their CVs, and the remaining 20% are making contacts. What works is just the opposite. Why not use LinkedIn to contact the companies we want? You can start by communicating with an employee to share content, interests and, why not, job offers. “It is not a question of approaching the CEO, but of approaching profiles similar to those of the recent graduate, with a similar age. If you contact 10, at least two will respond.

Networking is a work philosophy based on establishing a professional network of contacts. In addition to making ourselves known, it allows us to get in touch with other colleagues to find partners or collaborators. It is important to work on networking on a daily basis in order to create a good personal brand. These contacts can give you the key to a job, since nowadays it’s almost impossible to find a job if you don’t know someone or are recommended by another professional.

What steps should I take to find the job of my dreams?

– First you need to think about which company you would like to work for, as well as the types of jobs you would be able to do.

– The second step is to notify the entire community of your intention to seek a new job. Although some people believe that this is a symptom of weakness, it shows strength, confidence and security. If everyone you know knows you’re looking for work, they’ll let you know about any offers they know about.

– The third step is to conduct a company search. Don’t wait for them to contact you. Know the new market trends and find your strengths, identifying the value you could bring to your ideal company. Equally important is the fourth point, which is to create a powerful curriculum. In addition to your achievements, recognitions, qualifications and experience, point to volunteer work and stays abroad, as these are qualities that are highly appreciated by recruiters.

– The last step is to prepare for the job interview, with special emphasis on what you could bring to the company with your hiring. It is essential that all applicants know their strengths and have high self-esteem, only then will they be able to face a successful selection process.


Inform ALL your network of contacts (friends, family, acquaintances, Facebook, LinkedIn…) about your active job search.

Participate in events, meetups and workshops related to your work. This will allow you to meet contacts from the sector that will open doors for you. Work the formal and informal contact…. You should have added it to Linkedin already!

Try to establish links with people from the “world” and try to offer them value by sharing interesting content, motivating proposals, or even inviting them to exclusive events that you have decided to organize…

Track the job market

What job portals are currently operating? Choose well, you must be aware of the trends in job search, where the candidates decide to look for are usually the companies.

What social networks do the CEOs, Human Resources and Recruiters in my sector work on? Each sector has a preferred social networking site to find their candidates, detail them and create your profile to attract their attention.

Compare yourself with the competition (other job candidates) and try to be better than them, or at least different. Plus, you can train to match or exceed them.

Techniques to get a job

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