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One of the first questions I ask the people I help and work with to get them back into the world of work is: How do I dress for a job interview?

As you know, verbal language is not just the most important thing in a personal interview. 80% is based on non-verbal language and that’s where it comes in: the look, the image, the style, what you want to convey to the coach and the company you want to work for.

As in the other aspects, you have to be yourself in the way you dress, you have to feel comfortable with the clothes you choose for that occasion, a special and unique occasion to make us known in person, to bring our essence. Therefore, although it also depends on the position for which we are interviewing, you do not necessarily have to wear a suit and tie in the case of men, nor a suit, jacket and heels in the case of women.

As a general rule, for this blind date you tend to choose clothes that you feel favored with, and with your favorite colors.

Remember that colors play an important role in influencing your words.

– White: combines with everything, reflects organization, optimism, cleanliness, goodness and elegance.

– Yellow: a daring colour that is reflected in creative, positive, lively and cheerful people.

– Grey: a neutral colour. People who tend to wear this color are serious and analytical. It is advisable to combine it with a slightly more striking colour.

– Blue: Transmits professionalism, teamwork capacity, serenity and responsibility.

– Black: Known for his elegance, he is chosen by reserved, quiet and leading people.

– Orange: It is not recommended to use it excessively. Just like yellow, people with an extroverted, original and creative character dare to wear it.

– Red: the colour of love and passion denotes security and control. It is recommended to use it in complements.

– Pink: depending on its tonality, it can mean accessibility, empathy or attracting attention.

– Green: intermediate color, symbolizing tranquility, harmony, nature and stability.

– Purple or lilac: Excessive use of this color can make you feel tired and dull. Shows sensitivity and emotion.

They say it’s for taste, the colors. The most important thing is that you show your great talent. In this webinar you can see how to prepare for a job interview.


The colors that work for salespeople or salespeople


Our expert points out that when the person contrasts the colours of the garments, it gives them joviality and closeness to their clothes.


For example, for fall women, a perfect color match would be an orange blouse with a brown skirt and for winter women a fuchsia shirt with a turquoise blue pant. These contrasting combinations would bring them closer to the people.


For people who like to dress in black, the recommendation is to contrast it with white so that it gives them dynamism, since dressing in black in its entirety brings sadness and distance

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