As it should be a CV


CV should be short and concise. Ideally, they should be on a single page, in exceptional cases they can be on two pages, but we should not go on any longer. Keep in mind how many resumes the recruiter in charge of an application will have to review and you’ll get the idea of how long this person spends on each resume: not much unless you get their attention. Currently, recruiters use algorithms that apply filters on applications, but work on the digital curriculum that has been created on the platform in question. However, despite the technology, most companies still consult the candidates’ CVs.

Typeface for curriculum:

unless you opt for a designer job, ideally we should be classic and choose a font that is easily readable and has a good size. The traditional Arial, Times New Roman or Helvetica can help us, but you can use some other font to differentiate yourself, but as long as it is easy to read and has a good size.


A good way to differentiate yourself from other resumes is to use a good design. As you may know, there are many resume templates, but it is important to know how to choose one, which is something we will explain more about below.


logically, in this type of document (and in all of them) we must avoid spelling mistakes that transmit very bad sensations in a selection process.

Should my resume include a photo?

The photo in the curriculum has always been a delicate matter and it is becoming increasingly common to include it. It should not be necessary if it is not for a job for which the image is important, however the photo can also help us to reflect part of who we are if we choose a suitable and quality photo. The problem is that some recruiters may get carried away by the physical appearance reflected in the resume photo, conditioning their decision in a positive or negative way. That’s why the resume photo is so controversial. Our advice is to post your photo if you are applying for a job for which the image is important or if you feel comfortable sharing your photo on your cv, but remember, it is not essential.

How to choose a template for your resume

A good way to stand out from other candidates is through good design. To do this we can make use of curriculum templates, such as the ones we have selected and you can see in the previous link. When choosing a template you must take into account two things.

– If you have enough knowledge to change and modify the template with ease, you can choose a template based on the aesthetics. Knowing that you can then modify it to your liking, taking into account your profile and the things you want to highlight.

– If you don’t have the skills to modify the template, you will need to use a template that fits your profile exactly or use a PDF CV tool such as Canva, Cakeresume or CV maker.

Techniques to get a job

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